Brave Writer projects (‘Jot it Down’)

Animal Mini Books – Princess chose Giraffes, and Reptile Boy chose Birds of Prey. Drama King is still working on his Penguins book.




Some of the text is just copied straight from the image sources but most was written by Reptile Boy himself. I decided not to make this a handwritten project. Reptile Boy enjoys handwriting and I don’t want to turn it into a chore. So he dictated the words to me and I typed everything up, with some editing here and there.

Lego Party. The boys chose the theme, wrote a guest list, created invitations, planned the food and acted as ‘hosts’. All the children behaved impeccably.IMG_1497-0.JPG

These projects are both taken from the Brave Writer ‘Jot it Down’ product. There are ten projects each intended to take a month to complete.

I started off thinking that Reptile Boy would do ‘Jot it Down’ and Drama King could do work from the ‘Partnership Writing’ product instead, but that is not practical for our family. Pokemon Boy is studying books using ‘The Boomerang’ and works well independently but I don’t want to be supervising three different writing projects at the same time. I also think the Jot it Down projects are challenging enough for Drama King at the moment.



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